Nanowrimo Day 3 Zero Words

Nanowrimo Day 3 5:02 PM 0 Words

I’ve been under the weather most of the week. I’m behind on work (thank god for good-natured clients…I love you!). My husband had to drag me out of bed on Halloween to pass out candy. I mean I wanted to and he set everything up for me so I just had to sit there.

If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed a considerable dip in my tweeting this past week.

I feel like a failure.

Not as a writer but basically as a person.

I do all the things right; take all my pills, drink all the water, exercise my knees…and I still crashed into a pile of mush.

My energy is coming back but I’m not there 100%. Is it possible to have the flu where you just feel fatigued? I don’t know.

Now I just have to pick myself up and get moving and work on all the things.

I’m still in the process of organizing Beta Reader Roulette session 3. So y’all’ll get your materials soon!

I’m hoping to add some word count to nano in the next few hours.

I’m writing memoirs. Which may or may not sound easy—depending on your take of memoirs. I prepped for this by writing a list of stories and subjects I wanted to touch on. I’m not a memoir writer so this is a new exploration for me. I’m imagining it to be extended versions of my tweets.

So the reason I decided to do this was because I had a dream I wrote a book about myself in 48 hours and it had a yellow cover. That’s it. Not a title, not content any more specific than that.

And I was like “Imma make that dream a reality!”…minus the 48 hour part but I take it as like…a short amount of time…which a month is.

So…good job dream brain.

Now…I’m going to go write and try to ignore the feeling of being a complete and utter failure. Yay!

Jeannette is an editor. A good editor. Her clients love her. She knows, with her brain, that she's not an UTTER failure, but sometimes her anxiety lies to her. It's a struggle. It's real. But we must work through it.

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