Kindle Unlimited Awesome? Yes

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Unlimited through Amazon is their subscription service for books. As an author I’ve never used it so I can’t talk about that aspect. But as a reader I’m obsessed with it. I think I signed up for Kindle Unlimited right around the time it first came out.

The extra extra bonus for me was that some books came with audio versions. When I worked in an office and my drive was 20-30 minutes one way I loaded up an audio book for my drive to and from work. I ‘re-read’ all of Harry Potter this way. And what I really loved is that if I listened to the book in the car but wanted to read it when I was home, the kindle book opened to where I reached in the audio. And vice versa.

I listen to books while cooking, cleaning, and lying in bed. If you are a voracious reader then absolutely, yes, it’s worth it. It’s cheaper than the library for me because I always ended up paying so much late fees.

This way, I know what my fees are upfront and I never have to worry about returning books.

It’s not a library replacement though. I still use the library.

I find different kinds of books in different environments. Kindle Unlimited is just one resource.

Some of my favorites have been Wizard 2.0 Off to be the Wizard series and The Paper Magician series. (I still haven’t read The Plastic Magician but I can’t wait!)

The narration on these are absolutely stellar. It conveys the personality of the book in a way that adds depth to the story itself.

I am also obsessed with paperwhite! You can ONLY read books on it. No email, no twitter, no candy crush. My first ereader was a nook tablet. And then a fire. Both decent devices. But in terms of replicating a print book experience in digital format, paperwhite is the way to to.

There's a super fancy expensive kindle that I can't afford so I can't compare the paperwhite to that but I assume its amazing because it costs more.

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