Essential Acronyms for Writers

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I’ve been working with writers for a while now. Y’all like to shorten stuff. You've got too much going on in your brain that you can't be wasting precious milliseconds typing superfluous letters. I’ve compiled some of my favorite time-saving acronyms from my favorite people, writers. Some you’ll be familiar with, others will be new to you. I encourage you to use all of the following:

WIP= Work In Progress

MC= Main Character

MMC=Male Main Character

FMC=Female Main Character

RD= Rough Draft

NW=Needs Work

FD=First Draft

OOC= Out Of Character

IDK=I Don’t Know

SFD=Shitty First Draft

WTF=What The Fuck

NFI=No Fucking Idea

JKMN=Just Kill Me Now

NC=Need Coffee

NMC=Need More Coffee

WHID= What Have I Done

WTHIJIDRNACJ= Who The Hell Is Jerry? I Don’t Remember Naming a Character Jerry.

ORJWTBF=Oh Right Jerry Was The Best Friend

GIKHSIDFLAHTTROTS=Guess I’ll Kill Him Since I Don’t Feel Like Adding Him To The Rest Of The Story

OMGIDYDIDTW= Oh My God I’m Dying Why Did I Decide To Write

KIWF=Kill It With Fire

BIA=Burn It All

OABHCIANBSOHA= Open A Black Hole Crawl Inside And Never Be Seen or Heard Again

In an effort to keep all content open and available for everyone, would you be willing to chip in?

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