The Bandersnatch Mindfuck: Black Mirror

Netflix Black Mirror Bandersnatch Review

**This contains no spoilers**

Oh Black Mirror what is you doing, boo?

In the mood for a good mindfuck? Well, do I have a bridge to sell you. Wait, no, that’s not how that goes.

I was just trying to play something while dinner cooked, dude. I didn’t know I was going on an acid trip down the Black Mirror Netflix hole.

The food was in the oven and it was going to take an hour. I’d already finished all of Marvel's Runaways the day before so there being nothing on Hulu for me to watch I fired up the old Netflix.

Ooh, a new Black Mirror episode, I thought to myself. I played it without a second thought. I did see that it was an hour and a half and I thought that worked. I'd cook dinner and then still have some left to watch while I ate.

WeEEeelll….nope, motherfuckers! That’s not how that happened. It was….interactive…???

Okay, I mean, I’ll still give it a whirl.

The first choices start off so banal my first thought was, I seriously hope there's more to it than this. And my second thought was…this is Black Mirror, there’s more here than meets the eye.

Friends, dear friends, I was not disappointed.

It’s dark, it’s funny, it’s tragic, it’s compelling. It’s truly an adventure.

I don’t want to give anything away. I went in 100% blind. I wasn’t expecting this interactive movie. But apparently it was in the making for the past 18 months and anticipated by many. Just not by me.

There are layers here. LAYERS. Is it about mental illness, reality, choices? All of the above?

It’s storytelling at its finest and I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant surprise.

I went through it twice.

I will be going through it again.

Phin from adventure time having his mind blown

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