When do you need proofreading?


Proofreading should be done when you are done. DONE! No more changes. Pencils down. Hand your papers forward.


It’s a complete waste of time and resources to get proofreading done, at least professionally, before then.

I mean, if you want to go around handing out moola for proofreading with every round of content editing, I’ll gladly take those dollah dollah bills, y’all.

No, but really, don’t do that.

What is proofreading?

It may be obvious, and you’re like, duh, Becky, I KNOW what it is….*but seriously, now I’m kinda questioning myself*.

Ha! I got you to question what you already know.

Or did I?

Well, here it is. Proofreading is reading the proof.

Ok bye!!!!!!

Here’s the first line in the Wikipedia entry about proofreading; Proofreading is the reading of a galley proof or an electronic copy of a publication to detect and correct production errors of text or art.

Wow. Such amaze. Much enlightenment.

While you probably know that proofreading involves checking for and correcting spelling, typos, and punctuation, also be aware, that it’s specifically the very, tippy top, absolute last kind of editing you should have done. Because you’re ready to print and/or publish.

What other types of editing can I have done at the same time as proofreading?


All editing is expected to be completed by the time you’re at proofreading stage.

While proofing, there is no content editing, no manuscript assessment, no copy editing. Time’s up, test’s ovah!

What kind of tools do you use to proof?
  • My eyes.

  • Re-reading the text.

  • Spell-check is a tool but it’s not a replacement.

  • Grammarly is also a tool but sometimes it’s pretty stupid.

  • Re-reading the text.

  • Yes, I know I said ‘Re-reading the text’ twice. It’s that important.

  • My years of experience.

You don’t just show up with a knowledge of correct spelling and punctuation and take the proofreading world by storm. (Though, I mean, it helps.) It’s also not expected that a proofreader will automatically know EVERYTHING. That’s not how any editing works. Recognizing that something is wrong and knowing how to quickly look it up is a skill unto itself.

How much do you charge for proofreading?

$.0107 USD a word.

Can You charge less, please?

I mean, maaaybe.

But proofreading a 50,000 word novel can be a 30-40 hour job. Getting quick, cheap work will always end up costing more money and more time in the long run because you will have to go back and fix it.

I’m just lil ol’ me, sittin’ here runnin’ my bidness, so honestly, feel free to negotiate a fair price within your budget.

In fact, most editors are willing to work with you on price.

For a handy-dandy pricing reference when it comes to different types of editing, check out’s resource

(EFA stands for Editorial Freelancers Association.)

I have more questions though.

That’s cool. You can email me here and ask away.

I’m friendly and want to help.