Beta Reader Roulette

*This is last year's registration page. Available for reference until the official 2020 page is up.* 


1. October 1 - November 12, 2019 

2. November 1 -December 16, 2019

3. December 1, 2019 - January 31, 2020


Here's how it works:


  • The cost is $25 per session. (The fee helps offset the cost of my time to facilitate the program.) 

  • Your WIP will be beta read within a pre-determined time-frame.

  • You will beta read a WIP.

  • Each participant is given an identifying code to remain anonymous.

  • It is not a one-for-one exchange—the person you read for is not the person who's reading yours.

This creates a blind read--so opinion of the WIP isn't colored by whether you know or are otherwise familiar with the author.

  • You have the option of revealing your identity to the author you beta read for when a session is over.

  • Everyone will be messaged on a regular basis to check their beta-reading status. 

    • "No progress" is an acceptable answer—no explanation is required.

  • There will be a deadline for all beta reads to be turned in.

A pre-made google form will be distributed to participants to fill in as feedback for your beta read.  See preview of form.



All attempts are made to match you with a genre you are familiar with and a manuscript with a word count that best matches the word count of your WIP.

All manuscripts should be formatted 12pt Times New Roman, with the first line of each paragraph indented, and the line spacing 1.5. And .5 margins. When I receive the manuscripts I process them to this standard format and remove all identifying features. I then add the fake names and beta reader numbers. This information is stored in my database. At the end of each session you have the option of revealing your identity to the person you read for. But be aware that the person you read for is typically not the person who read for you and whoever read for you may opt to remain anonymous. 


I've built a database to track all participants, manuscripts, and code names. 

You can email me if you have questions Jeannette@polarbearediting.com